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Hotel in BatsiIf you are looking for a hotel in Batsi of Andros, Paradise Design Apartments offers you the best accommodation solution, in a beautiful environment by the sea. Our goal is to provide high-quality hospitality to all visitors to the island, which will combine comfort and luxury in one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Hotel in Batsi of Andros

Every year Andros welcomes a large number of visitors from Greece and around the world. The reasons for choosing our island are more or less known to everyone. Beautiful and picturesque landscapes, unique beaches and a beautiful crystal clear sea.

Our Deluxe suiteBatsi is one of the most beautiful traditional settlements of Andros that is famous for the endless blue, stone-built masses and green vegetation that will take care to give you its coolness even on the hottest days of summer. In no case should we miss the crystal clear springs of our island, which are a pole of attraction for tourists and are one of the first places to welcome you to Andros!

The location of our hotel in Batsi of Andros will provide you with easy access both to the most popular tourist destinations and of course to the beautiful beaches. In particular, our hotel is located on the edge of this picturesque village, just 200 meters from the most popular spots. Beautiful traditional taverns, cafes – bars and of course the shops that will take care of your daily needs. So, whenever you feel the need, you can be in the heart of the village even without a vehicle.

Why choose Paradise Design Apartments for your stay?

Every year our hotel in Andros welcomes a large number of visitors from all over the world. We place special emphasis on the hospitality of each guest and we provide all the necessary amenities so that he can have an unforgettable holiday experience. Our staff is characterized by its professionalism, courtesy and of course many years of experience in the field of hospitality. So we are able to offer you high-quality services that will make your vacation unforgettable.

Hotel in Batsi

The location of our hotel, as mentioned above, provides you with direct access to the hangouts of Batsi. However, the advantages are not the only ones. The magnificent view of Batsi Bay is also one of the key features of Paradise Design Apartments. So, you can enjoy your coffee gazing at the endless blue and the perennial boats anchored in the marina. Finally, the excursion to the beautiful beaches of Andros and the exotic wild beauties can very easily be done from this place.

A stylish hotel in Andros

A hotel in addition to amenities, beautiful views and access to the main points of the island, should be able to offer you a pleasant stay. At the Hotel in Andros Paradise Design Apartments, all spaces are specially designed according to the most modern architectural trends. Besides, the editing is done by the well-known and acclaimed interior designer Theodosia Markopoulou.

Decoration in our Hotel in AndrosThe main inspiration is the light and the Cycladic colours, in combination with the shapes and materials of the place, which create an elegant, modern and cool result. A result that helps to offer relaxation to every guest and at the same time creates a pleasant stay. The main features of the decoration are pure white, turquoise, blue, earthy shades of sand and stone. Finally, the light and elegant furniture we have chosen, fully harmonize with the incredible view of the endless blue, something that you can enjoy from almost all the hotel rooms in Batsi Paradise Design Apartments.

Hotel in Batsi of Andros with emphasis on excellent service

Hotel in AndrosWhat else could one look for for their vacation in Andros and specifically from a hotel in Batsi? But of course, a very careful place where you can spend moments of relaxation and rest. A place where personal service, cleanliness and total care will meet the highest standards.

Fully renovated spaces that have a single objective. To provide a unique atmosphere inspired by the beauty of Andros and which will be accompanied by high-quality services tailored to your needs.

So whether you are visiting Batsi of Andros for holidays, or for business reasons, if you come alone or with your friends and family, our rooms will meet your every need to the fullest extent.