Andros Island

Andros - Tourlitis LighthouseAndros is the northernmost island in the Cyclades, the second in size after Naxos Island. Its area is 380 sq. It is 6 Nautical miles from Euboea and less than one nautical mile from Tinos Island. It is linked by ferry with Rafina port in a distance of 36 nautical miles. The length of the trip is only 2 hours. According to the famous poet Andreas Embirikos, “Andros is the most beautiful island in the world, the queen of the Aegean Sea”.

Άνδρος - Ενετικό ΚάστροAndros | History

Before 3000 B.C. since the joining of Apollonas with  Roio, Anios was born, whom Apollonas made the King of Dilos Island. Anios had three daughters and two sons, Andros and Mykonos. They were the Kings of the two islands, and they gave their names to them. Another myth says that the name of Andros comes from the Military General Andros who came from Crete in the Minoan Period. Andros has old names, like Idrousa (with abundant waters) Epagris, Nonagria (wet field) Lasia (with rich greenery) and Gavros. In the Bronze Age, the settlements of Mikrogiali, Plaka and Strofilos met great flourishing. Strofilas is considered to be the most significant saved settlement in the Neolithic Aegean Era.

In the Byzantine Years, the development of silk in the period of the Empire of the Komnenian (12th century) converted the island center of exporting silky fabrics in the East. With the Fall of Constantinople from the Franks. Andros fell to the clergy of Venice. Some castles were built to protect the island from the pirates. That is how the first castle (Castel a basso) was built in Chora. The name Riva survived since that period as it was the main port of Chora.

In 1566 the island fell to the clergy of the Ottomans. During the Ottoman rule, Andros was preferentially treated, and that ensured economic prosperity.

In the same period, significant development of shining has occurred. In 1813 Andros has 40 ships and 400 seamen. On May 10th, 1821, Theofilos Kairis one of the pioneers of Modern Greek Enlightenment, raised the flag of the revolution and Recent History begins. That’s when the island, thanks to the strong shipping and the insight of the shipowners, has a prosperous economy.

Andros | Nature • Geography • Environment

Άνδρος Τρεχούμενα ΝεράThe island is a miniature of Greece, with high mountains, small rivers, valleys planted with grapes, running waters, cypress trees, oaks, fruits trees, olive trees and therapeutic springs. The Island combines the dry Cycladic landscape with the lush vegetation and abundant water – springs.

Άνδρος - ΜπατσίAndros | Batsi Village

Batsi is located on the west side of the island, in a short distance, only 8 Km from the port, Gavrio. It is the most touristic resort of the island. Its location is ideal for the well-organised beach, which is famous from the Greek film “Girls in the sun”, offers a lot of choices with the bars, cafes and restaurants. Batsi is full of life all day long, and that creates an excellent atmosphere for your holidays. In that ideal scenery is located the Paradise Design Apartments Hotel. In the beautiful bay of Batsi, the hotel is only 200m from the traditional Cycladic settlement of Batsi.